Reconnect to your essence through nature

You may be looking for a break from the daily routine, are facing important decisions or are seeking a deeper meditative experience. Under kind guidance, Yanua is a gateway to pause and ground yourself in nature, to allow Her to help you reconnect to your authentic self.

A unique natural setting

In Yanua Spain you are immersed in 20 hectares (50 acres) of orchard, forest and diverse gardens. A peaceful environment inviting you to relax, root into nature and recharge. Visitors can plunge in an inspiring scenery, lovingly tended aromatic, medicinal and herb gardens, and fruit trees surrounded by lush Atlantic forest.


We offer stays in one of several modern Tiny Houses, a luxury wood cabin, Cedar House, or in the modern main building with private or shared spaces. Visit the Our Services > Accomodations tab for more information.

The Main House

The modernized main building dates from the early 19th century, the country home of the Condesa and Conde de Pallares who preferred the quiet country life to being in the city. It  has been in the same family since and includes private and shared spaces. 

Workshops and Retreats

We specialize in purpose quest retreats, and host various individual or group retreats. Click on the tab Our Services > Workshops and Retreats or the Agenda tab for more information.

Inviting spaces

Our mutliple indoor and outdoor spaces are comfortable, and our main hall is heated or air-conditioned for all 4 seasons, offering access for individuals with reduced mobility. Yanua includes a 75 m2 meeting hall and other rooms, dining room and common kitchen. We also have a library, two pianos and other instruments. 

Events & Activities

In summer come and enjoy the immersive U-pic experience and harvest your own fruit of pears, apples or blueberries. 

Ongoing Projects

We are engaged in soil and land regeneration, crop studies, reforesting and local community events. Montessori’s Adolescent Program (Montessori Compostela international school) is an integral part of our community.

In the Heart of Galicia

We are in the heart of the region called Galicia. Our property overlooks the fertile river Ulla valley, one of the southernmost salmon rivers in Europe. We have magnificent views of the valley and our Pico Sacro mountain peak, a pilgrim landmark. Click on the Contact tab to find out our location and how to get here.

A unique natural space with accommodation and activities designed to reconnect with your inner essence

Yanua is an invitation to begin an inner journey where you will be immersed in the natural environment and take time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We specialise in the purpose quest, in gently guiding individuals to carry out this personal inner work in a safe environment. 

Our unique welcome, the wild landscape, the myriad of gardens and the forest will naturally invite you to re-root yourself, re-awaken your senses, remember and harness the power of introspection.

What People say about Yanua

Experience how the rooting power of nature empowers you

You will be surrounded by an organic orchard, gardens with vegetables, aromatic & medicinal plants, and a lush forest with paths throughout the property and many quiet spaces. You can stay in the modern main building or in our Tiny Houses. Yanua is designed with love, care and attention, so that you will feel comfortable, at ease and enjoy a memorable stay.

Our purpose is…

…to provide you the warmest welcome so that you can soak in the magnificent natural surroundings and their healing potential for a transformative experience, whether it is to find some rest and wellness, or take the next step and explore your personal growth path.