Reconnect to your essence through nature

You may be looking for a break from the daily routine or a deeper meditative experience. Yanua is the way to pause and ground yourself in nature and allow Her to help you reconnect to your authentic self.


We offer stays in one or several mini-cottages, a luxury wood cabin or in the modern main building with shared spaces. We offer you a large and diverse natural space with inspiring scenery, lovingly tended gardens and an orchard surrounded by lush Atlantic forest.

Workshops and Retreats

We host individual, individual, group or post-Camino retreats and workshops throughout the year. Yanua provides 20 hectares of fields, gardens, orchards, and lush forests with streams and several trails leading in and out of the farm, together providing many options to find quiet spaces and immersion in nature.

Farm Shop and Activities

We occasionally host community fairs open to the public where artisans, producers, and artists meet, share and celebrate, or simply create! In summer we offer U-pick for the public to come enjoy the immersive experience of harvesting your own food. Come visit our Farm Shop for local produce and crafts.

Ongoing Projects

We are engaged in soil and land regeneration, tree planting and local community events, and open to collaborations. Our space is available for others to come and host their own workshops or retreats.

A unique natural space with accommodation and activities designed to reconnect with your inner essence

Yanua is an invitation to begin an inner journey where you will be immersed in the natural environment and take time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Our unique welcome, the wild landscape, the myriad of gardens and the forest will naturally invite you to re-root yourself, re-awaken your senses, remember and harness the power of introspection.

What People say about Yanua

Understand how the rooting power of nature empowers you

Do you need a few days to relax in our cabins or mini-houses? Are you looking for a wellness retreat with activities? Do you want a stay with your partner, family or loved ones while enjoying a workshop in nature? For a refreshing rest or retreat, Yanua is the right choice.

You will be surrounded by an organic orchard and gardens with vegetables, aromatic & medicinal plants, and a forest. You can stay in the modern main building or in our mini cottages. We have designed everything with love, care and attention, so that you will feel at ease and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Our Purpose

Providing you the warmest welcome to allow you to soak in the magnificent natural surroundings and their healing potential for a transformative and memorable experience